Wattage keeps dropping to zero

(Rich Deakin) #1

Used zwift for the first time since the mountain update last night.  My wattage kept dropping to zero. I’m using a wattbike. I tried re pairing it but it made no difference.  

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Richard, 

This is a typical signal transmission problem. How far is the Ant+ dongle from you wattbike? 

In 99% of cases this issue is fixed by getting USB extension cable and bringing the Ant+ dongle closer to your trainer. The cable shouldn’t be longer than 10ft for electric resistance reasons (unless active cable is used) and also some cheap USB cables might not work for same reason (even shorter than 10ft). You can always get Zwift tested cable and some other goodies from our online shop. :slight_smile: