Wattage Drop - Tacx Vortex Smart

Just wandering if I’m the only one having issue lately about wattage and cadence dropping to 0 for a few seconds and returning back to normal.  This will happen in both Workout and Freeride mode.  I’m using a Tacx Vortex Smart using the latest firmware from Tacx Utility App.

I’ve been using the same setup for about 5 months now and only started to see this issue for the past month or so.

I had the same problem using a Vortex Smart. Bizarrely after checking the forums the problem was solved by getting a USB extension cable allowing you to place the Ant dongle closer to the trainer, half way between the two works for me. Issue was poor signal. If you use a big screen with a lap top trying angling the laptop so the dongle can see the trainer to test. Simple but it resolved the issue straight away.

Hi Jonathan, 

As Paul correctly suggested, it looks like it’s Ant+ transition problem. Did you try to move the dongle closer?

You can click HERE and buy Zwift approved USB extension cable from our online shop. 

Hi Paul and Tom,

I went and purchased a longer USB extension cable over the weekend. So far did only 2 hours with the dongle closer to the trainer but didn’t get any connectivity drops.  Thanks a lot for the quick feedback.

No problem Jonathan, that’s what we’re here for. 

I’m pretty sure that was the problem and you will be fine now. 

Ride On!