Wattage Drop - Tacx Vortex Smart

(Jon Rivest (JZQC)) #1

Just wandering if I’m the only one having issue lately about wattage and cadence dropping to 0 for a few seconds and returning back to normal.  This will happen in both Workout and Freeride mode.  I’m using a Tacx Vortex Smart using the latest firmware from Tacx Utility App.

I’ve been using the same setup for about 5 months now and only started to see this issue for the past month or so.

(Paul Ecobichon) #2

I had the same problem using a Vortex Smart. Bizarrely after checking the forums the problem was solved by getting a USB extension cable allowing you to place the Ant dongle closer to the trainer, half way between the two works for me. Issue was poor signal. If you use a big screen with a lap top trying angling the laptop so the dongle can see the trainer to test. Simple but it resolved the issue straight away.

(. TomH..) #3

Hi Jonathan, 

As Paul correctly suggested, it looks like it’s Ant+ transition problem. Did you try to move the dongle closer?

You can click HERE and buy Zwift approved USB extension cable from our online shop. 

(Jon Rivest (JZQC)) #4

Hi Paul and Tom,

I went and purchased a longer USB extension cable over the weekend. So far did only 2 hours with the dongle closer to the trainer but didn’t get any connectivity drops.  Thanks a lot for the quick feedback.

(. TomH..) #5

No problem Jonathan, that’s what we’re here for. 

I’m pretty sure that was the problem and you will be fine now. 

Ride On!