Power Dropout During Workout

(Andrew Seidman) #1

Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I couldn’t find anything similar. Has anyone experienced power dropping to 0 during workout mode? It happens less frequently during free-ride, but does happen occasionally. Nothing on earth is more infuriating than watching your power drop from 400W to 0W while you can barely remember your name let alone figure out what’s wrong with your trainer.

(Tim Clark) #2

I’ve seen that a lot this week. You are not alone

(j m. (mgcc)) #3

I had it happen during the end of a FTP and and it bounced back but less than ideal.

(David Lee) #4

I moved my ant+ dongle from the rear to the side USB port on my laptop (now has a direct ‘view’ of the power meter on my trainer). And I moved my laptop a bit closer to my power meter (was around 8’, now about 6’). 

That seemed to reduce my dropouts, but didn’t eliminate them. 


(Tim Clark) #5

I’ve put my ANT+ dongle on a USB extension lead and placed it just behind the handle bars. It’s seems to have made some difference (It’s now about 24" from the speed/candence and 18" from my heart monitor)

This kind of cable (http://www.amazon.co.uk/367/dp/B00077DJK4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1447066229&sr=8-4&keywords=usb+extension+lead)

(Tim Clark) #6

Thinking about it, I might change the batteries in my bpm strap and cadence sensor. Could just be low batteries

(David Lee) #7

I did a one hour ride today and dumped the .fit file that got stored on my Garmin 800 and the .fit file that ZWIFT stored on my laptop. This was most interesting. I am using single sided Garmin Vector pedals, BTW. 

My Garmin 800 device had 4 dropouts! This was 4 consecutive seconds with a zero power reading where I did not stop pedaling the entire hour (I was careful about that). 

ZWIFT had a total of 17 dropouts! There were three 3 second dropouts, one 2 second dropout, and six 1 second dropouts. 

So I guess that dropouts in the Ant+ world is more common than we might think - but also even MORE common in ZWIFT. 


ps. Note that the dropout on the Garmin was recorded on ZWIFT.

(Buster Bulldog) #8

I too had this issue, and I too bought a USB extension cable. 10 feet long. I run it to be just beside my Kickr - problem solved. I think the cable cost under $6 with Amazon Prime / arrived next day.

(Thomas Ly) #9

I am experiencing this as well.

constant power drop outs but my HR was showing fine so i dont think its my usb dongle (garmin ant+)

i also had my garmin edge running at the same time as the workout and it never dropped power readings.


anyone have a solution?

(Stephen Calvert) #10

I’m seeing the same issue while running all BT sensors. Doing an FTP test and power drops out about 5 mins into my effort stage.


(vince geisler) #11

still happening, multiple dropouts during workout. I won’t be continuing past the price increase if this bug isn’t killed. I have my ant dongle taped to my wahoo so its not a radio problem, nor does it happen on any other other programs, bigring etc. this is 100% a zwift issue. 
If you are going to up the price you better dang well fix the bugs, imnot paying for crap. 

(Tiago DeOliveira) #12

I’m still getting these a year later. It has become even more annoying this winter now that I’m doing more of the workouts. I have a USB extension so the dongle sits just right of the crankset along the ground. Bike is on a wahoo kickr. It seems to happen both on ant+ and bluetooth when I’ve tried running it through the mobile link app on the phone. Heart rate strap and cadence don’t seem to drop at the same time the power drops. They do drop on occasion but a lot less often than power. Seems to be somewhat random too. Some days it will happen several times during the same training block, others just once or twice for the whole workout. It happens outside of workout mode too. This issue is probably one of the main reasons I have never bothered with any of the group rides or races as having power randomly drop like that in the middle of a race would drive me up a wall.

(. Rory_BlueCycles Z50+) #13

Just tried the 6 wk FTP, warm up good, 95w, fail, 130w fail all the way through the workout…erg switching off and on…frustrating…on a PC with first edition kickr and upto date firmware, even a spin down…dont know what else to do…