Loosing Wattage to "0" as I'm Riding???

I have a Wahoo Snap and I keep loosing wattage, dropping to “0” all on its own, several times during a ride? Any suggestions, or is this affecting more than just me?


Thanks for you help.

Sounds like you’re losing the trainer connection what hardware set up are you using?

Dave, when at the pairing screen.  Make sure you choose the ANT + FE.  I also have a 10ft usb extension with a powered usb hub.  That did not cure the drop out even though the sensor was under my wheel.  Choosing ANT + FE out of the two Wahoo’s that come up, cured the problem.

Chris & Paul,

Thank you I have made the adjustments and will try again.


Was going to make a thread on this myself but saw this one so will ask here. I’ve been having the same issue since I reactivated at the start of the year. I already tried the following…

  • restricting my internet router to channel 1 so it doesn’t interfere.

  • 10 foot usb ext cable so my ant+ dongle is less than a foot from the trainer

  • shut off all wireless/Bluetooth option on my cell phone while riding for less interference

  • tried the FE and non FE options from trainer list (and bluetooth which would completely disconnect for like 2 minutes randomly once per hour while riding)

 With all of these changes my last log file on zwiftalizer shows my kickr snap for a little over an hour ride as






Not sure if my assumption is right or not… but if 8.44% rxfail means that much signal/power data is being lost, that is a pretty big deal. That’d be like averaging 200 watts and it reading as 183. Prior to all the changes I listed above it was getting 20+ searches per hour with around the same rxfail% so I have made significant progress, but still not ideal.


Only thing left I can think to try is getting a 2.5A powered USB hub to hopefully increase signal strength? Any other ideas would be welcome and appreciated. The only possible remaining interference I can think of is my fan, but that’s kind of a necessity.

Hi Rob.  I have a powered usb hub with 2 10 ft extensions.  You could try that.  I only purchased it for two reasons.  Distance to both bikes from the computer.  Two bikes with two separate ant sensors.   (wife).  Sometimes we ride together on one TV.  Split screen mode.  Having said that.  This did not solve my drop outs.  Strictly using the FE option seemed to cure it.  Also, I started the winter with fresh batteries.  A powered usb hub might be worth a try in your case.  It would seem you have tried everything else.  Motherboard usb connection does not have that much power.