Watopia Dropouts

Hi all,
My first post on Forums and looking for help, advice, suggestions, etc.
I’ve recently started experiencing dropouts on Zwift. I’ll be “just riding along”, lol, and my heart rate, cadence, etc. just stops, my avatar comes to a stop though I’m still pedalling. It may last from a second or two to 30 seconds then resumes displaying the info.
It occurred yesterday afternoon, EST/Northern NY, while riding a Watopia map with several thousand riders.
My devices are: Kickr, '17 model, Garmin HRM and Wahoo speed/cadence sensor, I use Companion on an iphone 12 via Apple TV gen 1. I also listen to an Audible book via bluetooth to my Jaybird earbud.
This is a recent problem, last week or so.
I left the map for a less populated map and had no more dropout problems so I’m thinking maybe rider number, lag, etc.
I’m going to reset my modem/router before today’s ride and use a heavily populated map to test. Also will shut down/restart BT on my iphone and Kickr.
Anyone else experiencing this problem lately?
Thanks in advance for your input.

Drop your Zwift logs into here: https://zwiftalizer.com/
It will probably point you in the direction of your issue.

I don’t think you can get log files from the Apple TV?

Does the Kickr 17 not have integrated cadence? I don’t recall if it does. If so, you can eliminate the speed/cadence sensor, one less device using the bluetooth frequency.

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I missed that, damn headache.

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You might also try setting the router to use a set channel (usually channel 1, 2, or 3) rather than letting it auto-select.

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Try riding without the Bluetooth headphones.

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but I like listening to Audible…wah wah wah…lol
thanks for the suggestion, I was thinking about that and I can use the speaker on the iphone

It is just to test to eliminate the option that it is your headphones that interfere.

I know, just whining lol
I rode for nearly 2 hours on 3 different maps today without one single dropout. I noticed that it seemed smoother and more synchronized with the grade changes.
I recycled my modem/router, turned off then on my Kickr, did the same to BT on my iphone 12. I saw an update to either Zwift or Z Companion, not sure which as the banner showed the notice then quickly disappeared.
I did not use my BT ear buds.

All seemed to work fine and had an enjoyable ride.
Next ride I’ll use the ear buds again to see if it affects the ride. I haven’t paid attention to it in the past but will going forward if I use it.
Thanks for the input everyone.