Warm up lap

Hi, in races with a warm up lap, does the warm up lap count towards final time?  Eg 7 laps whereby first lap says ‘warm up’ then after that the lap guide will say lap 1/6 then 2/6 etc - will only 6 laps count ?  

I would like to know this as well.  I did my first race today and noticed the warmup message.  After I realized I would sustain the same watts for the entire time I dialed back a bit until the race started.  Looking at results it appears the time counts the warmup as well.

Hi, I put this question to  Eric Schlange of  ZwiftBlog.com as he seems very knowledgeable.  He replied that is always does count, so don’t use it as a warm up lap, it’s misleading.  Set off at full pelt from the start. 

It would be nice if Zwift would actually make it a real warm up lap (e.g., the ride to the London Classique course is about 2.5 miles), by adding a neutral zone car (or some sort of temporary ride leader) that cannot be passed.  Then we would really have a warm up and the tactics of loop race rather than the split occurring on the first climb to Trafalger Square.

Hey you Noob AKA Rudolfo Poomp Warm up is done in the pen, Plz Stop your crying.