Warm up before group ride

Good day. Just trying to get some clarification.
Yesterday i did the Toyota Vertuale ride. For about half an hour before start, i started a warmup ride (same map Watopia), while doing this in the bottom left of screen was a toggle to join the Toyota ride in x amount on minutes.
My question is if i used that toggle option to go to join the Toyota ride a few minutes before it started would the warmup portion of my ride and the Group Ride be recorded as one ride or as two seperate rides. Or maybe the warm up is not recorded at all.
Because i was unsure i finished my warmup and saved it and then started the Group Ride as a new ride.

Your warm up would be recorded as a separate ride, if I remember correctly.

They are recorded as two seperate rides.

seperate which is slightly annoying or not but it does make a mess of a strava feed.

If you go straight into event and system saves your ride does this short warm up ride count towards your Steaks total? - it didn’t last time I checked about two weeks ago.

Thanks G.
So what you are staying is if one uses the toggle to go to the Group ride say 5min before the start Zwift will save what ever warmup you on automatically and then once again a separate activity will be created for the Group Ride once you save once completed.
So in short you save once but get two separate activities.

yes thats right

Which short warm-up do u mean? In order to count for your streak, it must be at least 2km:

Sorry I meant a qualifying (more than 2km) say 5 miles warm up. Last time I checked I’m sure the streak doesn’t count your ride if you don’t save it yourself but let the system save it as you use system to ‘join event’.