Going from group workout 1 directly into group ride

I have joined the group workout 1 at 11am EST tomorrow, and joined the group ride immediately after at 12pm EST.

Question is once I complete the group workout do I need to save the ride first and then join the group ride, or when the prompt comes to auto join can I just use that? Thanks!


  1. When I do a race warmup and then use the join prompt to join the race Zwift automatically saves my warmup as a ride
  2. Not to be forward but why don’t you just give it a try and see for yourself what happens? .

Great thanks that answers my question!

I haven’t tried to join an event from another event or training session before and didn’t want to risk Zwift not saving workout 1.

I have joined meetups while free riding for 5 minutes or so to warm up and it didn’t save that as a ride. Maybe because it was too short.

Historically there have been occasional issues with credit for special events when staying in game from one ride to another. Maybe that’s a thing of the past. But I exit and restart Zwift for separate rides when one is part of a series such as Zwift Academy.

I have had Zwift not save a warmup but in 146 races I think that has happened twice and both times the warmup was very short. I know that is anecdotal but it appears to work for me and my warmups are usually 20min.

Alex reported a problem getting ZA credit for the workout:

How did yours turn out, @REDMASTA?

My ride is not for another couple hours. The thread you linked to is what I thought might happen. The workout ends exactly same time as the group ride starts, so the auto join might take you to the group ride before the 60min workout is complete and not count it.

Think I will complete the workout, save it, and then attempt to late join the group ride. Should only be a minute or so into it so hopefully that works and credits me for it.

Completed both events, went smoothly and was a ton of fun.

During workout #1 multiple prompts for the upcoming group ride event began popping up on the companion app about 30 minutes in which was slightly annoying. I dismissed all of them.

Once I completed the full 60 minutes of workout #1 there was about 30 seconds left on the group ride auto join prompt. To be safe I ended and saved the ride instead, logged back in, and late joined the group ride event by just a few seconds. I joined just as everyone was rolling away and completed the event with no issues.

Both rides synced with my Strava and I was credited for them on Zwift.