WAHOO UTILITY not available in Canada

I tried to download Wahoo Utility for my new Kickr from iPhone app store but it’s not available in Canada.
How can I calibrate, test and upgrade firmware without this app?

Tapping the iOS WAHOO UTILITY App in the Wahoo Apps Page.

I’ve got the same issue. It used to be, as I had it on my phone previously, but it has since been removed. You can change your country / region in your Apple ID profile (from the App Store ‘today’ page, click on your profile picture, then click on your name). Unfortunately, it tells me I have to cancel my iTunes Match subscription before I can change app stores. You should file a support ticket with Wahoo. That’s what I’m planning to do.

@Guy_Fisher this is something best to talk with Wahoo directly as it is their app and not Zwift’s.

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Got this response from Wahoo support team (support@wahoofitness.com):

All of the features of the wahoo utility app on IOS have been put under the umbrella of the wahoo fitness app (so they are one and the same now as opposed to two different ones).

You can calibrate, update firmware, and do any other testing you may need with your kickr within the wahoo fitness app itself!