Wahoo kicker will not calibrate in Zwift after new SW update

 After the latest SW release I tried to make a calibration inside Zwift after a 2 hour ride… The calibration failed twice while trying to make it inside Zwift… I then went out and made the calibrataion with the Wahoo Kicker Fitness app and it passed- 49 seconds etc…     I have not gone back in and tried with Zwift again, but never has this issue in the past calibrating inside Zwift… Is it the new SW release?

I have had the same issues. 

I’ve had issues since the recent update with Zwift on AppleTV dropping Bluetooth connections to Wahoo Kickr. Never had any issues before the update. Works fine on iPhone.

I figured out that if I unpair the Kickr and then re-pair it I can then do the in game calibration.