Wahoo Kickr SNAP & Zwift Calibration


Prior to a Zwift ride yesterday, I attempted to calibrate my Wahoo Kickr SNAP using the Zwift calibration option.

I got to the screen that told me to pedal to warm-up the trainer, and after 10 minutes, I clicked next and pedaled faster to increase speed to the required level. The Zwift calibration screen never changed from 0 (zero), regardless of how fast or for how long I pedaled. I gave up and rode the London pretzel, but when I started the ride, Zwift showed that I had already ridden for 10 minutes.

Anyone else experiencing problem calibrating a Wahoo Kickr SNAP using the Zwift calibration option?

Any solutions to this issue?

Wahoo Kickr SNAP w/current firmware. Microsoft Surface Pro 4/ WIN 10 current version, iPhone 6 iOS 10.3.3, Zwift Mobile Link.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Hi Craig,

EDIT: I was just informed that using the Zwift Mobile Link Bluetooth connection will not work at all and our devs don’t think they can get it to work (at least not at present).

I suggest doing it either via ANT+ *or* doing the spin-down calibration via the Wahoo App on your phone and skipping Zwift’s calibration altogether.

Our QA and Dev team are on it, though.

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Thanks for the update
I’ll calibrate using the Wahoo app
Take care

Hi Eric,

What happens if you do calibration in Zwift (e.g. through ANT+) and later on through Wahoo app (via Bluetooth)?  Does the Wahoo app override the previous setting (calibration) made through Zwift? 

In other words, probably I would like to understand if the calibration dataset is stored by Zwift and send to the unit everytime it’s started or simply the calibration data is remembered by the trainer only.

Ride on!



Hi Michal,

The latest calibration will always be the one present - the calibration is remembered by the trainer, which is why we recommended you calibrate on the Wahoo App prior to us allowing it on Zwift (more for convenience sake).

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Thank you Eric.  This is very helpful.  One more question to cut off any speculation - in order to use Power Matching feature, is this required to match power meter with kickr snap in Wahoo app (Control w/Ant+ Power Meter) or on the contrary this should be done only via Zwift?


If you’re referring to the feature in Zwift where you can use a power meter for power and the KICKR for resistance, that’s completely separate from calibration. Zwift would only draw power readings from the power meter and change resistance using the KICKR. Calibration in this case would mostly matter for the power meter.

If you’re referring to a feature in the Wahoo app, then that’s a question you should address to them.

Let me make it more precise - I am referring to the Zwift feature.  It’s totally clear it has nothing to do with calibration.  From your response, I understand that in order to active Power Matching, you don’t need to set anything through their app.  Choosing my power meter as a power source in Zwift is enough. Is this correct?

I know that when calibrating a kickr snap using the wahoo fitness app, its recommended to warm up the trainer for 10 minutes. is that necessary when calibrating using zwift?