Zwift Not calibrating with Kickr

Over the past week, I have noticed that my Kickr was out of calibration with Zwift - manifested as having to put in a lot of extra watts to do normal speed. I attempted to calibrate. The Kickr calibrated fine with Wahoo app but fails Zwift calibration - not able to get the speed up to 22.5 to qualify no matter how many watts I apply (ow).

Anyone run into this? (FYI - Rouvy runs great)

What are the symptoms if you calibrate in the Wahoo app, and then do NOT calibrate in Zwift?. Just go straight to riding. That’s all I do.

That’s not quite true. I actually calibrate with the Wahoo app at the end of a ride, not before a ride, every couple of weeks or so, when the KICKR is already nice and hot.

Clive - I experience the “slogging through mud” issue. Unsure of whether this varies through the ride, but I have not been able to get Zwift to complete a successful calibration so I assume it is always there. This kicked into Hugh gear (very noticeable about a week ago.

@Glenn_Page1 Two knee-jerk responses.

1/ I recognize the slogging through the mud description - my previous trainer was an Elite RealAxiom CT wired edition (not bluetooth), for which Zwift did not support calibration at all.
Some days it felt right.
Some days my description (to my brother) was literally “it’s like slogging through mud.”
Some days were far too easy, and I picked up the 900W badge :slight_smile:

2/ About a month ago Zwift was no longer controlling my KICKR. Zwift would read power, but not control the resistance or ERG mode. I tried several restarts, recalibrations, factory calibrations, changed from bluetooth to ANT+. And back. Changed dongle drivers.
Nothing fixed it.
Until I uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift, including the long download. Reinstalling fixed the problem immediately. (And I didn’t lose my badges).

Update: it turns out that the culprit is an usb extender cable. I tried Bluetooth and Zwift calibrated fine (don’t ask me why I didn’t do this already) so I pulled the cable and Zwift calibrated via ant normally. First test ride was promising