Wahoo Tickr Goes Crazy, Then Stops Kickr From Working

I use a 2018 Wahoo Kickr Trainer and Tickr Heart Rate Monitor. Yesterday I was using Zwift in training program mode (gravel grinder) and my heart rate chart went crazy, first 0 BPM then 140BPM. Then my kickr trainer stopped working end the ERG mode stopped. I stopped the game and restarted it on my MacBook Pro. I did not connect the Tickr and everything worked fine.

I thought it was the tickr batteries so I changed them. Today when I connected the Tickr it showed 140 BPM before I had even started working out. Once I started riding, again the ERG mode wouldn’t work and I had to stop the ride and start typing this message.

I have tried both the Kickr and Tickr using the wahoo app and they show normal outputs. I have checked they both have the correct Firmware.

What to do?


Did you try and change the strap also?
Mine doesn’t last more than a year.