Cannot Hold a Wattage in ERG Mode with Kickr

I have the brand new Wahoo Kickr 2.  The first month it worked great.  Now when I try and do a workout in ERG mode the watts jump all around in Zwift and I cannot hold a specific wattage.  Mind you, this is ERG mode and the first month it held perfectly in the Zwift wattage zone.  I calibrate, calibrated again, again, again and again using the spindown app.  Uplugged, and calibrated again and again.  Has anyone experienced this problem and know how I might fix it.  Frustrated as I feel like I bought a $1200 piece of junk.



Are you connecting as controllable trainer-WAHOO KICKR, or controllable trainer-WAHOO F-EC?

Because I could not get workout mode to work at all with the new Kickr…  Until I selected WAHOO F-EC as my trainer type.