Kickr ERG mode suddenly increases tension to a near halt

(Erik Richenberger) #1

 While doing intervals in ERG mode the tension suddenly increases to where the cranks will not move even when I am out of the saddle. The power remains at what I programmed for that interval set, but the resistance is obviously much higher.  This usually occurs in the middle of my second or third interval set, and sometimes I can stop pedaling and it will fix itself, but more recently i have to discontinue the remained of my workout.  I’m not sure whether this is a kickr issue or a zwift issue because most of the time this happens when I am using zwift.  Much less frequently, it happens when i am using the wahoo app or my garmin 1000.  Please help!

(Michael Shirey) #2

When was the last Kickr spindown done? I had a similar issue a few weeks ago during a workout. Did the spindown and all has been great since. I did unplug it for a few minutes before the spindown. Now I try and do one every few weeks. Are you running the wahoo app the same time Zwift is running? I never use the wahoo app unless I’m doing a spindown or checking for a new firmware update. I think running them at the same time is asking for trouble. Another strange thing I discovered was with my Kickr is with my HR vivoactive watch. I broadcast my HR from my watch to my Kickr. If I’m in a workout and my watch stops broadcasting my Kickr goes crazy with wild power numbers. As soon as I restart the HR broadcast the Kickr works flawlessly. Just make sure nothing is messing with your Kickr signal. Maybe try running your Kickr with bare amount of devices running. Maybe try only having your Kickr connected to Zwift and no other devices to see if something is interfering with the signal.