Wahoo kickr snap spikes and loses power above 4% grades

Every time I hit a grade of 4% or higher, the wattage immediately spikes, then goes to zero until grade goes below 4%. I’m using either iPhone X or iPad Pro with latest OS. Have wahoo HR and Kickr connected via Bluetooth. Been working with Wahoo on all their reset guidance and calibrations. Still doesn’t work. Thinking I may need to delete device profile from Zwift regarding the Kickr Snap, but can’t find the guidance on this. Saw some similar posts, but not exactly the same. Note, I also have Kickr Climb, but have tried with that not connected also to find root cause.

Any script to try via Zwift app?

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the Zwift forums!

The device profile (we call these the “prefs” and “knowndevices” files) is integrated into the app on iOS. So, the only way to clear it (that I’m aware of) is to delete the app and then download/install a fresh copy from the app store.

Let us know if that helps!