Wahoo Kickr SNAP - "ERG Mode disabled" after harders blocks


I’m a Zwift newbie, training on a kickr snap.

When I alternate e.g. 80w/350w repetitions during a workout, “ERG Mode disabled” appears quite often after the harder block, because the resistance drops so much during the transition that 0w is applied for a short time (at the same cadence).

Only if I increase the cadence during the change and slowly decrease it “manually”, I can get back to 80w and prevent myself from pedaling “into nothing” for a short time.

Is the problem known?
Who can help me?

HI @Limi welcome to the Zwift forums1

There are blocks within a structured workout that are labeled “free ride” when ERG mode is purposely disabled for a short time (30 or 60 seconds or whatever). Is that what you’re talking about?


no. For example, these are 80w or 85w blocks.
Resistance is present but the difference is very big compared to the block before e.g. 350w.

e.g. FTP Builder - Strength

Gotcha. 85 watts is an easier effort, but there should be a noticeable feeling of resistance @ 85w

Have a look at this page on our support hub, especially the part of the resistance floor.

Also: have you tried calibrating the trainer with Garmin’s app? I would start with that to make sure the trainer’s set appropriately.

Have you done an FTP ramp test so your FTP threshold is set appropriately?

I think you mean Wahoo’s app?

Whoops, yes, Wahoo!

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