Non ERG vs. ERG Mode

Hey Zwifters,
hopefully you can help me.

I am using a Wahoo Kickr Snap (latest model). Doing a normal Spindown in the WahooApp and in the ZwiftApp every ride.

When i am riding in NON-ERG Mode ~130 Watts / 90 rpm / ~130 HR i can ride for 2 hours. (My GA1 zone)

If i do an Workout and the “trainer” told me to ride 130 Watts and i do 90 rpm my HR is 150+ and it feels so much more exhausting than in the NON-ERG Mode. Even the Warm-Up @ 110 Watts feels like driving through mud in ERG mode…

Is there an explanation for this? Or an solution?

Thank you in advance and stay save!!


Hi @Pelzkugel_Kugel

I would experiment with different gear ratios.

Has your FTP increased recently? Or if you’ve been out of training and lost fitness, this has the same net effect of too much resistance in ERG mode.

Functional Threshold Power is a measure of you how much power you can sustain for an hour or 20 minutes depending on which test you use. If your FTP number is set too high in-game, the game thinks you’re stronger than you are, and sets your resistance heavier.

Try manually bumping the number down in your profile for now to see if this makes the resistance more realistic for you. At some point, consider doing one of the in-game FTP tests or a ramp test to set your FTP more accurately.

Hey Shuji,

thanks for the fast reply.

This is my first season on a roll trainer and also my first season with a training plan. (4 times a week.)
I think for my level i am in a good form at the moment.

I did the ramp test (FTP 210 Watts) and proved the result with the 20 Min. FTP Test (NON-ERG mode, but i dont want to do it again :smile: ).
The result was almost the same. ~210 Watts

Tomorrow i will do the Workout without ERG mode and see what heppens. If its still to difficult i will - as you say - decrease the ingame FTP value.

Have a nice evening.

Best regards

Hi Gerrie,

thanks for the advice. I ll try this as well.

Best Regards