ERG Mode trouble

Hey everyone!

I use kickr snap into iPad, zwift is current version and performed spindown on utility app.

When using ERG mode in a workout I find that once I get above 260+ watts it gets really hard to spin and stay on the target wattage without pushing down a bit too hard on the pedals to achieve the wattage required. When I go into the red-zone intervals it’s near impossible to reach targets as I’m pushing down as hard as I can whilst not getting close to the wattage and spinning out. I never use to have this issue before and in normal Zwift world there is no issues with putting down the watts when needed. Any tips?! Much appreciated. Trent.

I would suggest checking your FTP in Zwift.

Hey Gerrie,

I will check to make sure it’s as it should be. I’ve done a bit more reading and it seems maybe I need to ‘attack’ the interval more to allow the power to adjust without sending it into the ‘Spiral of death’. Super strange, I did a zwift race the other week where it actually increased my FTP and since then it’s when I had issues perhaps? Anyway, thanks for the tip!