Wahoo kickr snap ant+ fe-c or ble

Now that BLE is directly supported for the wahoo kickr and kickr snap is it better to pair using BLE or ant+ fe-c for the most realistic erg and sim modes?

On a Mac I think you should prefer bluetooth.  No dongle needed, and it’s a slightly lower latency for our control commands we send.   On PC, since you can only do bluetooth through our companion app, I’d stick with FE-C.

Jon - I’ve seen other posts saying NOT to use the ANT+ FE-C with the KickR Snap. Which is correct? Also, should I use my on bike power meter or the one built into the KickR for ERG mode? Which combination works best? I’ve only had my KickR for 3 days, so just trying combinations to see which works best for me.

BTW, I have a Windows 10 PC and an Android phone, since that will have a bearing on your answer I am sure.

Thank you.

Hi Henry, I think my previous advice holds true for your setup - use ANT+ FE-C for pairing the wahoo kickr. 

As for ERG, you can pair the power meter separate but you’ll want to make sure both are calibrated well. If the power meter and the smart trainer disagree significantly on your power the ERG mode will get a little less ‘crisp’ for intervals.   I personally just use the KICKR for power even though I have a power meter, but that’s because I feel the kickr is actually more accurate than my power meter (which is single sided).

Thanks, Jon! Wow…replying on Labor Day. I was concerned because there is a large difference between the KickR and my power meter (a Rotor). I did a spindown, but there is a HUGE difference in feel between the two, and if I unpair and then reconnect, the KickR may show 45 watts, and the Rotor  90 watts. So, I will try the ANT+ FE-C setting and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise…

That sounds like a pretty big wattage gap, but pairing as FE-C won’t really change the watts that are broadcast.    Anyway, if rotor is what you use outside I’d use that for your training indoors too so that you have a consistent experience and can learn how to pace yourself properly off wattage during your indoor sessions.