ERG power fluctuations

Wahoo KICKR Core

Did a workout with ERG on, and the power fluctuated massively.
Target was 265w, mthe readout showed the power all over the place for the whole ride, fluctuating by as much as -40w to to +60w, when the cadence remained the same 89-91

Have done a very similar workout on a KICKR and the results were as expected, with fluctuations of no more than 8-10w if any fluctuation at all

Really frustrated, given the amount paid for a device that appears to have so many issues

Looking for a fix, hoping it’s an update issue rather than having to replace the turbo

I’d definitely check for a firmware update on your trainer, which you can do with the free Wahoo fitness app for iOS and Android devices. After that, I’d also suggest calibrating the trainer within the app.

Wattage fluctuations are also related to dropouts. I’m unsure if you’re using Bluetooth or ANT+ to pair, but fluctuations are a sign that your ANT+ or BLE signal is receiving interference.

I’d like to invite you to submit a support ticket so we can look into this further.