Wahoo pairing. Use ANT or bluetooth?

Here’s my question. Hope someone will dive in…

I’ve got a new Kickr Snap, which will connect via Bluetooth or ANT

A Wahoo Blue SC and my TICKR HRM both use bluetooth.

However I also have an older Wahoo computer that will do only ANT (I used this before Zwift had bluetooth).

For reliablity and stability, should I use bluetooth connections (via zwift app) over ANT if given a choice, or is it better to go ANT as much as possible?

Thank you

I have a kickr snap and Tickr HRM as well and I’ve had better luck with BT via the app rather than ANT+. There are no dropouts at all with BT due to interference as I occasionally had with ANT+

Thanks Allan,

I’ll try the BT route with everything this evening.

For my Kickr I use a USB extension cable with an ANT+ dongle. Have paired them with BT as well but my heart rate sensor doesn’t have BT. All working fine with ANT+