Garmin HRM Tri connect with Zwift while riding inn Wahoo Kickr

I can connect my Wahoo Kickr with Zwift perfectly either on my MacBook Pro or IPhone 6. However, I cannot add my Garmin HRM Tri with Zwift neither IPhone nor MAC. Is it possible to connect with my Garmin HRM tri whenever riding with Wahoo Kickr?

The Garmin is ANT+ only so you would need something like CABLE to bridge the signal.

Can you please give me some more details? What is Cable? Thank you! Or are there any other (cheap) solutions to track my heart rate while riding Wahoo Kickr connecting with Zwift? Thanks

I think in your case to simplify it you should just get a Wahoo Tickr since it’s duel band (Bluetooth and ANT+). 

But my iphone can only connect via Bluetooth with 1 device, it connects with Wahoo Kickr, how can it also connect with Wahoo Kickr at the same time? Thank you!

Why would your iPhone only allow 1 Bluetooth connection, I have connected a Tacx Santori and a Wahoo Tickr using Bluetooth with out any problems.

The Garmin is ANT+ only so it will not connect using Bluetooth.

Yes my garmin is ANT+ only, no Bluetooth. I just obtain the Waho kickr having dual BlE and ANT+, working fine now! Thank you!