Simplify Pairing to Kickr with ANT+

When Pairing a Kickr as a power meter you are presented with two options ‘Kickr’ and ‘Kickr FE-C’. Not knowing any better I assumed that the power meter should be paired to Kickr and the Controllable Trainer should be paired with ‘Kickr FE-C’. I experienced lots of power dropouts. I tried everything under the sun to fix my issue. I finally learned on Facebook that I should pair both the power meter and controllable trainer as ‘Kickr FE-C’ and that solved my dropout problem.

The Kickr is a very popular trainer. Zwift should be able to restrict the pairing option to just the settings that are known to work properly. This would save users a ton of headaches .

We’re in the process of fixing this now. Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome, thanks!

Thanks Peter/Jason.  Never thought of that.  I always logged the kickr as the model.  Experience drop outs.  Going to try to log both items with FE-C version.