Wahoo Kickr not working, no lights coming on

Hi, I used my Kickr without problems on Friday morning. I moved it out of the garage for my biannual clear out shortly after and replaced it an hour later. When I went to use it this morning there are no power/bluetooth lights showing but the green light is working on the power pack. I have raised a ticket with Wahoo but any thoughts as to why it has just stopped working, could it be the power pack even though the green light is on ? I am using the Kickr most days still and to not be able to use it will make me v unhappy unless the weather improves drastiaccly and I can get outside more often.



I don’t have an answer to the technical question but since you appear to be in the UK, if you don’t get relief from Wahoo, I suggest talking to this guy.

Ok, thanks for the link.

Hell again, I am in the U.K and I have made an enquiry.

Thanks again