Wahoo Kickr- No Power- How to use on Zwift

Hi all

I was given a second-hand wahoo kickr off a friend who works for a pro racing team. The kickr was only used as a warm up tool and doesn’t have any power connected(no bluetooth, ANT or power is present).
Can I still use this on Zwift if I buy a cadence sensor? I have read that I also need a speed sensor when using a standard turbo but as I won’t have a back wheel on the Kickr, I am unsure if I can get around this?

Hope this makes sense.
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I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. Is this some sort of specially modified Kickr? My understanding is that ALL Kickr units require power to run, and should broadcast an ANT+ and BLE signal. Are you, perhaps, just missing the power supply to plug into the unit?


Can you post a picture of the Kickr.

Hi Nigel and Paul. I have attached pictures below. I was told by my friend that is was an unpowered Kickr and I can only change resistance using my gears.


Hi Nigel. I responded to you below in my message to Paul. I don’t have a power supply and I don’t think it is set up to do that. The resistance is down to gears only.

Well, without power it can’t send BLE or ANT+.
Maybe it’s missing the electronics and is only a mechanical unit.

Theoretical you could still use it with zwift with a speed sensor, but i guess nobody has a power curve for this special trainer.

Easiest way is with a powermeter on your bike. But these are rather expensive.
Maybe ask your buddy if they got a spare powermeter laying around :smiley:

GP Lama did a video a while back where he unplugged the Kickr and tried it, there wasn’t enough resistance to really work at all.

But if a pro-team comes to Wahoo and says “we need a trainer without need of power to wamrup before races”, they could easy take a Kickr and fix it up with some resistance like a dumb trainer.

If you look on the internet you may find a power curve for the unit, I know SARIS has a power curve for the H3 when it is not controlled or powered.

Or you can ask your friend with a power meter to go from 0 to 50 km/h and plot a power curve. Then find a similar trainer curve.