New Zwift user

(Dave Tung) #1


I just ordered a Wahoo Kickr trainer and plan to start riding on Zwift as soon as possible.  In addition to the Kickr, I have a Stages power meter which also acts as a cadence sensor, a heart rate monitor, and a Garmin 510 device.  The only thing I do not have is a speed sensor on my bike.  Do I need a speed sensor and also one of those USB2/ANT+ device to make Zwift work?  


Thank you



(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Dave,

Just using the KICKR will work. The speed sensor is only really required for zPower as we use the rotation of your wheel to help calculate our virtual power algorithm.

You can use the Stages as either your power source OR the KICKR (but not both in conjunction yet). If you choose to use the KICKR for power (and to control resistance) you can still use your Stages for cadence.

Hope this helps and welcome to Zwift!


(Dave Tung) #3

I see.  Will Zwift be able to calculate my speed in the virtual world based on my power output?  Also wouldn’t taking the power output # from Kickr or Stages power meter be better than using speed sensor for zPower?  


Thank you!

(Dave Tung) #4

I also need a USB2/Ant+ device to plug into my laptop right?  Where can I buy one?  Thank you again for the quick response!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

Hi Dave,

Yes, the power from both the KICKR and Stages determine your speed on Zwift, which is why we recommend this over zPower. You will need an ANT+ dongle in order to transmit data to your computer. A link to one is provided in your invitation email, though any USB 2.0 ANT+ dongle should work.