Wahoo Kickr control with Ant+ power meter function

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Has anyone used the ‘Control With Ant+ Power Meter’ function in the Wahoo app to replace it’s integral power meter?

I’m currently using my Vector 3s pedal as a power source and Kickr 1st gen as controllable trainer.
Reason being in that the Kickr suffers from temperature drift, so I’m getting correct measurements from the Vectors.
It works fine but I was thinking if I skipped the Zwift middle man and got the Kickr reading directly it might work even better.

Another thing, I now just hook up all my sensors through the companion app and don’t use Atv4k Bluetooth at all, it works far better.

Anyway, be nice to hear your thoughts.

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Here’s a link to a discussion about it on Slowtwitch.

(Lin) #3

In Zwift, you can pair both the Vectors and your Kickr. On the pairing screen, the Vectors should be the power source and the Kickr should be the controllable trainer. Zwift will then use and display the power numbers from your Vectors. Zwift will control the Kickr resistance based on terrain changes in game.

If you use the “Control with ANT+ Power Meter” in the Wahoo app, then you will need to enter the ANT+ id of your Vectors. The Kickr will then pair to your pedals via ANT+. I do not remember if this works only when in the Wahoo app or all the time. I suppose you could give it a try. I would use a head unit (e.g., Garmin, Wahoo, etc…) to verify what power source is being used. If it works all the time, then you would only need pair the Kickr to Zwift.

In theory both methods above should accomplish the same thing, power being determined by your Vectors. I always pair my power meter (power2max) directly in Zwift as well as my trainer (Neo). I did the same when I had a Kickr. It worked as it should.

I too am on Apple TV 4K. Everything works fine. I have never used the Companion app for pairing. When you say it “works far better”. How? What?

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I now don’t bother running connections through the Apple TV, I run everything through the iPhone companion app.
It’s far quicker and all four sensors connect immediately, I don’t have to change Bluetooth source once I’ve run out of Atv sensor limit to hook up my HRM.
So far it’s worked seamlessly and no dropouts, Atv through Ethernet and iPhone in flight mode with Bluetooth and Wi-fi on.

Once set up, the Kickr will remember the control with ant+ settings and then broadcast that through Bluetooth to Zwift. There is also a cadence feature which broadcasts but I’ve not tried that yet through Zwift, it does show on my Wahoo App though so I’ll try it tomorrow.

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I can confirm that this method does work and is far smoother than having the Vector 3 pedal as a power source and Kickr as controllable trainer.
With Zwift as the middle man changes in power would take a couple of seconds to catch up, pairing them directly to the Kickr sees nearly instant changes both up and down.
Power was tracking extremely nice with the Kickr power on Zwift screen and Vectors on my Garmin.
Unfortunately I forgot to press start on the Garmin so can’t run a comparison on the DC Rainmaker analyser.

I’ll try and remember to press the start button tomorrow and show a comparison.

Again, running all sensors through companion app. Running the first two sensors through Apple TV4k took forever sometimes, bypassing that and using through phone connects instantly.
My phone is an iPhone XS Max.

(Lin) #6

While I also use an Apple TV, I am able to pair everything (i.e., p2max, NEO, HRM) with out the Companion app. But I am curious… How do you bypass the in game pairing and get everything paired thru your iPhone? I thought that the Companion app pairing only became an option once you exceed the connection limit of the Apple TV.

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It’ll give you the option of phone or Apple TV in the top left hand corner of the pairing screen.
Your sensors exceed the maximum two for Apple TV, Neo will do controllable trainer and cadence, P2Max power source and HRM, that’s three?
What about the remote, is that disabled?

(Lin) #8

No. I never exceed the limit so I guess that is why I do not see the option to pair via my phone. Remote is one connection. NEO (controllable trainer)uses another. My HR and p2max (power and cadence) use the last connection. My p2max is ANT+ only. In order to connect it to the Apple TV, I use a Viiiiva HRM which can bridge ANT+ to BLE. As a result, I get HR, power and cadence (p2max) all from the same Viiiiva connection. It all works quite nicely.

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Ah, makes sense now.