Pairing Pioneer Power Meter to Zwift


I am having issues getting my power to work correctly.

Current setup: Wahoo Kickr Snap, Pioneer Power Meter (Ant+ only), Macbook Air with Ant+ stick.

Issues: 1. Cannot pair Pioneer Power Meter to Zwift, 2. Power from trainer is 30-50 watts lower than readings from Power Meter on Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, even after multiple spindowns

I am looking to figure out the best way to have my power readings come from my crank based, Pioneer power meter, rather than using the trainer. Any advice is welcomed.

Hi Jeff,
I don’t know anything about the Wahoo Kickr Snap but
I think you will need to unpair the Wahoo Kickr Snap from Zwift.
(ie as a power source on the Zwift pairing screen)

Then wake up the Pioneer Power Meter and press the search button in the Zwift power source pairing screen. (I’d do without waking up the Kickr)
Hopefully your Ant+ will find the new Pioneer power source and only that.
You could make a note of the Wahoo power id before unpairing it so as not to pair to that one again by accident.
Hope that might work for you.