Kicker Snap Power drop when Zwift turned on.

Been riding my Snap for about 3 months now with not much problem. However, in the starting 3 days ago, my Zwift power dropped to the common 110+/- watts even when using a big gear on the flats on Watopia.  My Ant+ is less than a foot from the trainer.  I can do an advanced spin down (iOS) using the Wahoo app, but really need to crank down the flywheel to get the spin down in the right range. (previously not needed to do this).  So after the advanced spin down, I can use the Wahoo app and it seems to be reading the power ok.  However, when I start Zwift the power immediately goes to crap (110W).  Even exiting Zwift and restarting the Wahoo app, the power stays low on the Wahoo app.   

Frustrating.  Any ideas?

Hi Bob, 

We’re sorry to hear, this is very unusual issue. 

Before submitting a ticket with us please try following

  1. Disconnect the Ant+ Dongle
  2. Reinstall Zwift on your PC
  3. Update your KICKR SNAP using Wahoo Utility app
  4. Make sure Zwift is not running on your PC
  5. Connect the Ant+ Dongle
  6. Restart the SNAP - disconnect - wait 15 seconds - connect
  7. Perform Advanced Spindown using Wahoo Fitness App (Turn off the app completely when done) 
  8. Perform Standard Spindown using  Wahoo Fitness App or Wahoo Utility App (Turn off the the app completely when done)
  9. Launch Zwift go to settings - power display - and set “instant” (It will make it easier for you to tell how much power you’re producing at given moment

Also make sure you run Zwift only pc and your mobile. If there are more devices receiving the Ant+ signal, it might cause problems. 

Also did you try pairing the trainer through Bluetooth? 

I followed all of the directions above, but Zwift seems to still be about 1/2 power.  

Shut down computer, disconnected dongle (do this every night)

Reinstalled Zwift

Kickr Snap did not require updating based on the what the app said.  I use the Wahoo app on my iPhone, never on my Mac.

Unplugged the Snap waited 30 seconds, plugged back in

Performed advanced spin down on the Wahoo Fitness app via Bluetooth that is connected to my Snap. and then closed the app (not minimized, but swipe to close).

Open Utility and then performed another spin down. Message said it reset the trainer to level 2 and was a 19 second spin down.

Closed the Wahoo Utility app and then opened Zwift and set to Instant for power (was using 3s).  I use Zwift on a newer Macbook Air with a 6’ extension cord that puts the dongle right next to the Snap fly wheel (less than a foot).  I also use the Zwift iPhone app.

Symptoms were the same.  On Watopia start sections (0% grade) was 110W in a 36 x13 gear at 90+rpm.  Could get it to go higher if i went to a 50x15 but at 90rpm at 0% (underwater tunnel) on Zwift it was only up to about 180.  This should be significantly higher.  

I used my Garmin 510 and it was reading the same power as was on Zwift (using my quarq Ant+) reading after I stopped in the tunnel and turned on the Garmin just to ensure the power reading was the same.  

Exited Zwift and turned on the Wahoo Fitness App and moved the Kicker Level to 2 and the Snap responded to this with increased resistance.

Seems to be that the Snap is just not responding in Zwift.  I’ve been riding Zwift since December with over 1,000 miles.  I have not experienced this before.  I haven’t done anything different.  There was an iOS update a few days ago.  That’s the only thing I can think that is different.  All of my equipment and processes are the same.



Hi Bob, 

This may have something to do with the last update. I will have to escalate this issue by creating a ticket for you. We will follow up with you in our ticket system. 

Please accept our apology for any inconvenience. 

Thank you

Update after riding tonight.  I did not use a Wahoo app at anytime before I rode.  I ensured the Fitness app was closed.  Started Zwift and choose the SST (Short) workout.  Finished the workout fine and the trainer adjusted as expected and power was normal for the workout.  However, as soon as the workout was finished and it went back to freestyle riding, the power went back to 100w+/- on the flats, but I did hit a small incline and the wattage went up to 300W+.  Shortly after that it was back on a flat and 100W+/-.  I gave up after that.



I’m having the same issue, any update on this? 

This particular power drop issue seems to be fixed.  However, in the last month or so a new issue has appeared in both sim and programmed workout mode has appeared.  During structured workouts, the power drops about every 2-3 minutes to 0 and then pops back up.  This results in some segments not being completed (starred).  In SIM mode the power drops occasionally sometimes to 0 other times to half or so to what the power should be.  The duration is fairly short 1-5 seconds, but annoying enough and does results in getting dropped from group rides or drafts.