Wahoo Kickr not connecting or not seen as a speed sensor

 The connectivity with my Wahoo Kickr is spotty and even when it does recognize it Zwift doesn’t recognize it as a speed sensor.  

Hey Kevin - you should be pairing your KICKR as the power source. This will automatically set it as the Controllable Trainer as well. Zwift takes your power and translates it into speed in the digital world. Here is a good article about getting started.

Re: not connecting - are you using Bluetooth or ANT+? If the latter, make sure you pick up a USB extension cable to get the USB stick nice and close to your trainer.


That doesn’t really help… 

I’ve got a Kickr AND 4iiii precision paired up on zwift but I’m not randomly not able to use realism mode because it refuses to detect the kickr as a speed sensor.  Why would this now be the case having been able to do so previously ONLY connected to the 4iiii for power before?


You would connect the 4iiii as a power source and the Kickr as a controllable trainer, NOT as a speed sensor.

I’ve had horrible conflicts with that in the past unfortunately.  Maybe I need to play with all variations of the settings and combinations but at random the 2 would interrupt eachother resulting in either 0 rpm or 0W output, completely ruining the workout