Wahoo Kickr Core 1.1.1 firmware issues

not yet! will try asap.

I have been having the same problem with the Wahoo Core. It almost seems like a lag on the bluetooth signal. For example during the Zwift classics new york race whilst riding uphill it would feel flat, then 30 seconds later register the gradient and adjust. Same for downhills it would feel like uphill untill the gradient registered.

Essentially I was riding the race with inclines/declined 30 seconds behind the pack, so it was impossible to stay in the draft.

Downgrading the Kickr Core firmware has resolved the issue, but as mentioned it’s not an ideal solution.

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Have you had any issues with the latest Zwift software update? I’m tempted on upgrading Kickr Core v1.1.1. I had similar gradient issues using the Zwift app with the MacBook Pro back in June. Downgrading solved the issue but hoping the latest Zwift update fixed this hardware/software bug.


I can’t answer your question specifically but I’ve had kickr core and been using Zwift for well over a year with no problems BUT in the last two months I’ve had Bluetooth dropouts, ZCA locking up and other glitches such as workouts not being saved.
I have a high end windows 10 PC and there is definitely something wrong with the Core - Zwift relationship at the moment. :frowning:

Him Tom can you please tell me how I can do the downgrade cause my kickr core is way to heavy to pedal :see_no_evil:. Thx in advance kind regards Sven

Hi Martin can you please tell me how I can do downgrade? I am heavy a lot of resistance issues as well. Thx in advance if you can help me

Hi can you please Tell me how i can do the donwgrade cause v 1.1.1 which is on my kickr core is really not ok. Thx very much kind regards

Scroll up and you‘ll see how its done - one of my first posts in this thread.

Downgrade succes but now the Blue lamp on the kickr is flicrng but the trainer is recognized in zwift however. Did a smal ride to feel the difference but i LL try again tomorrow cause the ride was not saved even if i saved IT😏 keep you posted thx already 1


Hi Sven, the blue LED on the KICKR does change its sequence, I noticed this also.

When on the older version it flashes twice, pauses then repeats.

The newer version, the blue LED remains more constant.

I hope that helps, good luck!

HI Martin. I found out that a ride must be 2km minimal before it can be uploaded on Zwift and afterwards vs Strava so that’s solved already. :v:. Later this day I ll do a longer ride to check and feel if the resistance issue is also solved after downgrading the firmware. Really hope so cause otherwise not really ok at all to Zwift like that :wink:. Kind regards

Thank-you so much for this Tom. I upgraded to 1.1.1 a week ago (kick core, MacBook pro) and had major resistance issues as described. It was very difficult to race or group ride and was doing my head in to work out what was going on. I saw your post and downgraded to previous version and the issue has been solved. Gosh my legs were sore!

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Hi Martin, after the downgrade firmware I tried out the Rouvy platform and there everything working perfect :ok_hand:. Unfortunately haven’t tried zwift anymore. :roll_eyes: Are u still training in the downgraded firmware versión wahoo kickr core? TIA for your reaction. Kind regards Sven

Hello Sven, I’m still using the older version of Wahoo software on Zwift with ATV as I just can’t get it to work otherwise. It’s not even mentioned in the latest update. I don’t use Rouvy so couldn’t comment.

@Martin_Lowe Hi Thx for the feedback. I ll stay @Rouvy right now and also with the previous firm ware :wink:. Keep on riding :v:

I’ve had the same issue, eventually managed to rollback using the instructions here - thanks. It took a lot of x10 tapping for the firmware item to appear!

All ok now I’m back on the previous firmware 1.0.13

I’m having same issues with the Core.

ERG mode is fine but i cannot use it to free ride as the resistance is way to high.

Even on 0% gradient courses the resistance just doesn’t give up.

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Thanks Tom. I have downgraded from 1.1.1 after also having weird resistance issues - almost seemed like I was in ERG mode. Climbs seemed easier and flats I had to use 2T lower to feel same effort as before.


I never really updated my Kickr Core when I got it almost two years ago. So I am probably not on 1.1.1 and still ran into these issues last night.

I can confirm that downgrading fixed the issue, however I think the correct solution must be using the latest firmware and resetting Zwift - for iOS I think delete and reinstall Zwift - to get Zwift to use the updated sensor as a new sensor.

My thinking is - assuming new Wahoo Kickr Core units ship with the latest firmware and there does not seem to be any reports of issues, the new units must work fine with Zwift.

This echos similar to comments from Tom - seems only a few people are having this issue.