Wahoo Kickr Core 1.1.1 firmware issues

I can’t remember if I uninstalled zwift when I was troubleshooting 1.1.1, but I’m pretty sure I deleted the sensor from zwift and paired it again. It didn’t solve.
Anyway, I’m riding outside now, will be back in indoor in a few weeks, maybe it’s sorted out by then.
I’m running zwift on ATV btw.

Just as a word of caution, I downgraded my firmware and it totally messed up the power accuracy (15% difference). I had to perform a factory spin down to get the power back where it matched my assioma pedals.

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Update: I update the firmware to 1.1.1 again (see me earlier post where a downgrade fixed the issue but seems like the wrong fix). Then I did the factory calibration/spin down procedure (warmup trainer for 3 minutes and 2x spin downs) following instructions in the Wahoo app.

Then I deleted Zwift from my iPad and re-installed. Then paired all sensors (Kickr - power source). Ride did feel harder on flat, but easier on climbs than before. I realized that I forgot to reset the trainer difficulty after reinstalling Zwift - so trainer difficulty was at default 50% - where I usually have it set to max.

Comparing my ride stats for same route done previously and avg power/speed/time are pretty similar. So I’ll stick with it and see how consistent it is and reset difficulty to max. It do think this is a better way to go than downgrading the firmware - otherwise you are stuck on an old version forever.

Started getting problems again today, spinning out on climbs and have to work hard downhill. Went to roll back the Kickr Core firmware but don’t get the trainer symbol. Any suggestions?

i have the same problem, so you must insist until the item appear …

Managed to roll back firmware by making sure the Kickr was only connected to the Wahoo app, not Apple TV or Zwift.

I have also experienced this gradient lag issue with the Kickr core V1.1.1 for the first time today when climbing the Alpe. Hard resistance on the 4% then easy spinning on 10%. It seems to be random as was working fine last week after the Zwift update.

Hey there

I am having the same issues on Windows10 64 bit after having updated Kickr Core to firmware 1.1.1

I had issues too, using a direct connection between Windows and my Kickr Core. I’ve found that using the companion app as a bridge instead of connecting directly seems to work as intended - if you haven’t already tried this, might be worth a shot?

I will be back to the smart trainer this week. Good to know that the best fix is still to stay away from firmware 1.1.1. Did zwift acknowledged this bug?

No, no fix, no response from either party. Did notice wahoo have new 1.1.2 firmware in beta testing so hopefully that’ll resolve issues on release

I have to say: I’m rather disappointed how this issue was (or is) handled. When I opened this post, I was convinced at least somebody at Zwift would read this and give some kind of feedback. But nothing is happening. Companion app is working, downgrading is working - and for me (Macbook Pro 2018): switching off bluetooth before starting Zwift seems to work as well. But still. This has to be fixed - and it shouldn’t be that complicated since it was working in the past.

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1.1.3 is available now.

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Any feedback yet on whether wahoo’s 1.1.3 update helps?

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I installed 1.1.3 this morning but have not had a go yet. What is the best Route or Workout to do in Zwift to test it?

Probably the one where you noticed the issue.

Hi Gerrie. I was ons 1.0.12 last week then updated to 1.1.1 (so skipped 1.0.13)
Had issues immediately so downgraded to 1.0.13.
This morning updated to 1.1.3 and just had a go on Zwift. Can confirm resistance was all over the place. Gonna downgrade to 1.1.12 again as never had any issues with 1.1.12.