Wahoo KCKR not transmitting

Bizarre…. I got my bike/laptop/wahoo kckr/zwift all out today. Haven’t used smart trainer since late spring. Was a little cool this morning, so indoor riding was in order.

Zwift shows to be “connected” to my wahoo kckr, but my watts, cadence etc all show zeroes when I’m pedaling. It’s as if my kckr isn’t transmitting data.

Any ideas?

What about using the Wahoo app to confirm issues? Good opportunity to check/update Kickr firmware too

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I did this. Wahoo app updated firmware on KCKR. I pedaled some with the wahoo app connected. Wahoo app recorded speed but not power or cadence. Closed the app, switched back to Zwift and nothing. I love/hate technology.

Presently I’m laying on my couch pouting about it.

And my college football team is losing. I’m pouting some about that as well.

My pouting doesn’t seem to be improving either situation.

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Good that you independently tested, but issue seems isolated to Kickr. Next step would be to get in touch with Wahoo I’m afraid

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Same problem as Mr Adam. Any solution yet? …i have sens a mail to Wahoo about the 0 watt and cadans problem with " connected " displayed.
…no answer so far.

I ended up chatting with Wahoo’s customer service. My unit was replaced as a warranty issue. Everything is working fine with the replacement unit.

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