Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor Takes Forever to Pair

I purchased the Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor and after only several months, the device takes longer and longer to actually start sending signals to Zwift.

In the beginning it would pair almost immediately and send bpm almost instantaneously. Now, it can take over 20 minutes into the ride before the signal appears on the Zwift screen on my iPad and my last ride, it took nearly 40 minutes for Zwift to start receiving the information.

I will change the battery but after finding the trouble I had with Wahoo speed and cadence sensors, if the battery change doesn’t work, I’ll get the Moofit HRM.

Make sure the two black pads on the strap are moist. Those are the contacts and if they are not wet or damp you won’t get a signal. If the LEDs on your Wahoo sensor are flashing blue and red then it is trying to connect.

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Hi Bob,

Changed the battery, made sure the two pads were moist, paired the hrm to Zwift (which found the device) but while Zwift says its connected I get zero bpm.

I think me and Wahoo are not made for one another.

I replaced Wahoo speed and cadence sensors with Moofit units and the Moofit units work perfectly all four times I tried using them with Zwift.

Now I think I will order a Moofit hrm and see if that solves my problem once and for all.

Thanks for trying to help.


Allen Weitzman