JetBlack HeartRate Monitor - Setup Issues

Hi There,

I bought the JetBlack HeartRate monitor from the Zwift shop but cannot find any information or help on help to pair this up with Zwift of my Wahoo Kickr. I found a video on pairing the monitor with my phone but that seems to rely on me having a JetBlack trainer as well…cant get past setup on that app as I dont have their trainer.

Any help would be great, if anyone has had similar issues?

I would think that you would just put it on, open Zwift, go to the pairing screen, select Heart Rate, and then look for the device in the list. Is it not showing up? On what device are you running Zwift? Also, be sure the HRM isn’t paired to some other device already, or paired directly to a phone or other device. It should only be paired through the Zwift app.

I just bought one from zwift store and got it in the mail. The sensor turns on for 60 seconds after installing battery or randomly when it wants to work (green led lights up on it), I can then quickly pair it in the zwift app as HEART RATE (running zwift app in ipad), displays 60 bpm (which is not my bpm) and then disconnects after 1 minute or less (the HEART RATE tile says “No Signal” “JetBlack HRM 35”. Is that a bad sensor? Or am I doing something wrong

Hi @A_Spider. Thanks for using this space to share your concern in pairing your JetBlack Heart Rate Monitor. It’s Juan here from Zwift. I took the initiative to take a look at your log-in and noticed several Bluetooth disruptions coming from your heart rate monitor. I’d like to suggest you take a look at this article to figure out if you fit in one of the scenarios listed there. There you will also find a troubleshooting guide to overcome this unexpected situation.

If the problem persists, it would be great if you could contact us at to provide you with personalized and effective follow-up.

I have the exact same problem as Spidero. HR monitor might tun on if I open the battery case, but then 5 yellow clicks and its all off again. No clue how to resolve this, is it defective?