Wahoo Cadence en Speed won't pair in running mode

I got a Wahoo cadence and Speed sensor (Ant+ and bluetooth)

they pair perfectly in Ride mode

but they wil not pair in run mode (the sensors will not apear in they search screen)

any ideas?

Those weren’t designed for running, only riding, you would need a foot pod (Garmin, Milestone, Stryd…) or a Wahoo Tickr Run/X.

The Wahoo Cadence may say it’s shoe mountable, but that means while biking not running.


That does not explain why the running mode won’t pickup the sensor - it must be blocked as a valid run sensor in Zwift. The Wahoo Fitness app actually allows you to use the same sensor for running cadence measurement for treadmill or outdoor running profiles.  

It’s not a running sensor at all, it’s a sensor for a bike.


Only certain devices are supported for running, or you could use a bike speed and cadence sensor and skew the numbers (like going 20mph while running).