Wahoo ANT+ dongle


I just got my Whoo ant+ dongle. When I stick the USB cable in my PC (windows 10) I hear a chime but I don’t the request to install a driver or see any USB device in my explorer.

Can I install the dongle with software from a website?

The drivers should auto install once your PC recognizes the USB drive. I would recommend removing the dongle, restart your PC, and reinsert the dongle. Make sure it is all the way in.

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Is Zwift not seeing the Ant+ devices?

Make sure you’re using the dongle in a USB 3.0 port (not older USB 2.0)

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In device manager it is visible and it says a driver is installed. Tomorrow I will cycle and try to connect it :slight_smile:

Worked like a charm!! Yay! Thanks all