Zwift ANT + Not working - What I Did

Hi All

Id just like to share my solution to the time my ANT + died on the day of the update for the Alpe D’Huez.

If your ANT+ Stick worked yesterday but not today and your PC recognises it with the sound of connecting USB or disconnecting.

But when you get to the pair page on Zwift - Nothing.


Open Device Manager on your PC

My Ant+ stick was under “unknown device”

But I unplugged it to see which one disappeared out the list so I knew which one to click on.

Click on the one you think your ANT+ stick is.

And it should come up with “update driver over the internet” or update via Files.

Click on the internet one - Wait - et voila ,mine worked again.

I have the cheapest ANT+ dongle possible.

But when it stopped working I hastily bought a new one only to find it didn’t work either.

If this is you - follow these steps.

I’m only posting this because this method is not on Zwifts official guide.

I hope this helps someone.




You need to make sure it is plugged in all the way. It will load in Windows but not work in Zwift if it is not seated correctly. It can be scary pushing hard on the tiny chip, but it gets easier after it is seated for the first time.

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