Virtual shifting not working on KICKR v5

I just bought the zwift play controllers yesterday.
I have wahoo v6.
Updated firmware on wahoo app.
Updated Companion app.
Controllers work.
But no virtual shifting.
Is there something else you need to do to get them working?
Somebody said a message pops up on Zwift after update, but I’ve not had one.
I only bought them for this feature.

Do you pair your trainer via Bluetooth?
I believe it’s the only possibility for virtual shifting.

Did you turn on Vritual Shifting in the Zwift Settings?

Hi Steve, I’ve been into my profile settings on Zwift, where you can change trainer difficulty ect, but there’s no mention of virtual zwifting to turn on. Am I looking in the right place in Zwift Settings?

Hi Steve, i know what you mean now I found this on Google, but virtual shifting in settings doesn’t show up on mine.

What version of Zwift are you running?

Hi Steve, it’s Apple TV, so it updates automatically from my understanding, so should be on latest one.

It’s worth checking your version, because whilst ATV can indeed update automatically, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s guaranteed to always be on the latest version of Zwift every time you ride. If you leave your ATV on all the time then it probably will be, but if for example you only turn it on to run Zwift and then then it off again afterwards, and don’t use it for other stuff, then it won’t have any chance to update.

Thanks for all the comments, my mistake, it turns out I have the v5 not v6, could have sworn it was v6. Will have to wait for v5 to be compatible. Thanks again everyone.

V5 is not supported?