Virtual Shifting not calibrating ratios. Can't pedal and produce watts

Is anyone having issues with their Zwift Click virtual shifting not calibrating.

When I start a ride the trainer starts in gear 12 and the resistance alternates between very difficult and very easy. When its very hard, I can’t pedal and when it’s very easy, I can’t produce watts and just spin out.

It won’t settle at a nice ratio. I’ve just had to exit a race (2nd time this has happened) after the field left me in the distance at the start.

Even if I exit the ride and go into another freeride the resistance is unstable. Gear 12 is far too easy, and if I change to gear 13 the resistance jumps and becomes almost impossible to pedal. If I coast for a while/freewheel, then try and pedal again, gear 12 becomes too hard to pedal before releasing resistance and then there is no resistance.

My Click has the latest firmware.



I’m new to Zwift, having just purchased a Zwift hub - and I am having a very similar things happen. Not working as advertised. I may be missing something as a new user but I do have latest update installed and virtual shifting enabled. Any suggestions appreciated!