Vibration in high gears with Wahoo Kickr Core

Hi, I’ve had a Wahoo Kickr Core for around a year now. It’s my second unit since the first got fried by the static charge issue but the replacement has been fine so far. I’m using a 9spd 2002 Specialized Stumpjumper mountain bike with the trainer and it had been working well until the last couple of months when I started noticing a low vibration through the pedals when riding in the highest gears. Shifting works fine. The vibration stops when I change down into lower gears so it seems to be related to the force applied through the pedals. I have replaced the cassette, chain, bottom bracket, rear mech and even the pedals but the issue remains.

The noise/vibration is so bad the neighbours have complained when I train late in the evening which they did not do before. I’ve taken the case off the core and the belt seems tight, does not rub on the inside of the case, there are no noises coming from the flywheel and the cassette is tight.

Anyone with a similar problem?


I experience the exact same issue with my kickr core.
Glad you mention it, because since it only affects some gears I thought it could be my bike…
Did you find any solution?


I also have this problem and i had my first ride on my brand new Kickr core today. At first i thought it was my gearing so i reindexed my gears, but the problem remained. My bike works fine outside with rear wheel attached.

In the two lowest gears the trainer works Great and is pretty much silent as advertized. This means i can use yhe trainer in ERG mode as Long as im in one of the two lowest gears. However it gradually starts to vibrate and make a lot of noise as i shift into higher gears (smaller cogs). This means that i almost cannot use it in sim mode on Zwift because i have to use higher gears to get some speed and the noise is intolorable.

I have tried everything from fastening my bottom braket and cranks to indexing the gears and realligning my casette (which is brand New) to No effect.

Please write here if you find a solution and i Will do the same.

@Jorgen_Christiansen, how old is your chain, maybe it is stretched out?

I’ve had the exact same issues with my Kickr core. The vibration seems to happen a lot in my lowest gears. But on the road I feel nothing.