Wahoo Kickr vibration

I am starting to experience a weird problem with my wahoo Kickr and Zwift.

When cycling, I get a strange vibration in my cranks, once I apply pressure to them (the higher the watts, the more vibration). And it is not just vibration, but also a vibrating noise. I am not totally sure whether it is the cranks or the Kickr itself, can’t really locate it. But it is annoying.

Ive checked the drivetrain on my bike and everything seems ok. Has anyone else experienced this. I’ve contacked Wahoo but they want to send it to Germany for testing, probably at my expense.




I don’t have that issue as far as I know of. Have you been doing your Spin-Downs regularly? Does it happen in Sim mode or ERG?



Good luck to you…

Hi Cary,

thanks for replying. I regularly perform the spin down. It seem to happen on sim mode, not ERG. It’s normally when in the higher gears on my bike when on the flat or going down hill on Zwift.

Ive had the Kickr for about 11 months but just started to notice the vibration however I’ve been recovering for a long time illness (reason why I bought Kickr) so just beginning to output some reasonable watts and obviously more speed.

Hi, I’m experiencing the same vibration issue as Colin. In fact pretty much exact scenario. It seems like it only happens if I’m pedaling fast. If I stop pedaling and let the Wahoo spin, the vibration goes away. 

I was wondering if you guys figured out what the cause was yet??