The more pressure, the more vibration

(Daniel Be) #1

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a refurbished Wahoo Kickr. The appearance was flawless, now I am starting to experience a weird problem. 

When cycling, I get a strange vibration in my cranks, once I apply pressure to them (the higher the watts, the more vibration). And it is not just vibration, but also a vibrating noise. I am not totally sure whether it is the cranks or the Kickr itself, can’t really locate it. But it is annoying. 

Will probably have to detach my bike and ride up a hill outside.

Just thought maybe some of you experienced the same problem and maybe have an idea what it could be?

(The Cannon) #2

I don’t know if this is same thing as vibration you mention, but I was getting a sort of squeaking or rickety noise coming from the rear hub area. I tightened up my axle crank that secures the frame to the wahoo kicker and the squeaking went away. Good luck!

(Daniel Be) #3

I don’t think it is the same. The axle crank is as tight as Wahoo specifies in the manual. 

Going slow and easy without too much pressure on the pedal/crank, the vibration is not heard. But once the watts go up, it vibrates. But only when pushing the pedal down. 

(Tyler Shannon) #4

It sounds like your crankset is loose. Have you checked that? 

(Daniel Be) #5

Yes, I tried that but it was tight. Brought it to my repair guy, they exchanged the bottom bracket and I got my bike back yesterday. 

Unfortunately the vibration is still there, especially when there is an incline and the resistance increases. I really don’t know what else it could be. They checked the bike thoroughly and said there is nothing wrong with it. 

What else could I look for now? 

(Paul Allen) #6


You should contact Wahoo Support at this point:

(Daniel Be) #7

(Colin Duff) #8

Hi Daniel, I have the same problem with my Kickr. How did you resolve your problem?


(David Tilsed CLS (C)) #9

Hi Daniel, Id be interested to see if you resolved this as well.  Thanks.

(Gary Pritchard (L2P)) #10

Hi Daniel I’ve got the same with my new kickr purchased jan 18. I’ve changed bottom bracket and drivetrain and still there. Exactly like yours. Have raised with wahoo get the feeling they couldn’t give a stuff. Did you get yours sorted?

(Mantis Toboggan M.D AHDR) #11

Are your gears indexed correctly?

My bike is whisper quiet when I put the rear wheel on, but it sounds awful when on the kickr, I think it’s due to the sram cassette on it not being perfectly aligned with the chain / derailleur (i use a shimano set up), sort of like each link of the chain slightly catches the adjacent sprockets and making a grawnch type noise.

TBH, I’ve not bothered playing with it as the chain is ready for replacement anyway and it’s quiet when im outside, when zwifting I just turn the tunes up louder :smiley:

(Daniel Be) #12

Sorry for the very late reply. I contacted Wahoo and they offered me to send in my Kickr and replace it with another unit (refurbished). 

Problem is slightly better but still weird noises. Now Wahoo tells me that there must be something wrong with my bike. But when riding it outside, it sounds and feels smooth. 

Either I am just over-sensitive or they sent me another defective unit.