Kickr Core 2018 + Sram Force AXS heavy rumble

Hi all,

I’ve got an Argon 18 Nitrogen Disc with Sram Force Axs (red cassette and chain) and a Wahoo Kickr Core 2018 model.

My issue is that as soon as I put power on the pedals from the middle of the cassette and down (heavier) there is an extremely loud and noticeable rumble/ vibration happening.

This is not happening out on the road using the same chain and cassette.

I’m using the correct (142mm) thruaxle adapters as well as the XDR driver without spacers as I’m running 12-speed.

The cassette and chain are both new, but the chainset is 1500km ish old.
Cranks are tight and there is no play in the chainset, checked bolt torque as well.
Micro adjustments are fine as the shifts are precise and smooth.

Have anyone got any tips for me?

Wrong forum man. I’d start in the Wahoo forums, not Zwift. From my experience, new cassettes exhibit a heavy rumbling and vibration (possibly) similar to what you’re talking about. It’s not noticeable on the road, but very noticeable on a trainer. Mine ended up going away after about 200 miles on the cassette and wearing it in a bit. Good luck!