Using Zwiftalizer

I’m using Apple TV and Saris H3 with Bluetooth connection. I typically don’t use the companion app at all unless using a power up. Can I use Zwitalizer to see my connection from my rides if i use ATV? If so how do i do it? Thanks.

Hi @Joe_Petrilli

I don’t think you can find your log file on ATV



Ditto what Gerrie says. Apple severely locks down the ATV operating system so you can’t get to where your log files live. Apple TV users will not be able to use zwiftalizer.


Thank you @shooj and @Gerrie_Delport for clearing it up. It’s confusing because on my MacBook I thought I found log files from the days I ride on Apple TV but I don’t know what I am really looking for.

Logs are created and saved locally, so your macbook will only have your macbook rides logged. The logs can be found in documents/zwift/logs and in that folder will be 2 types of logs, logs.txt and launcher_logs.txt. The Log.txt is what you can use on Zwiftalyser.

The 10 most recent logs are saved, with the most recent being log.txt, the second most recent being log(old1).txt, and so on till log(old9).txt, and should have date stamps for the dates they are made.

As mentioned before, there is sadly no way to get logs from an Apple TV.

Thank you for clearing this up even more. I really appreciate all the help from the forum users. It has added value to the zwift experience for me. Especially since things have been a little off on my set up since April.