Zwift Log File from 4K Apple TV for ZADA

(Ian Notley) #1

For ZADA I need a “Zwift Log File”. Where do i find this on my 4K Apple TV and how do i get it into the ZADA application>

(Andre Hufschmid) #2

First of all you can download your Log File on And second i don’t think a Log File on Zwift will be sufficient. They are probably requesting real life data, out door performances that back your effort on Zwift.

(Vincent W.) #3

Hey Andre just a heads up, you can’t download your log file from but you can download your .fit files  from your dashboard. I’ve attached a photo to show where you can click “download”. 

Unfortunately right now there isn’t a way for you to gather your log files from your Apple TV version of Zwift.