Using Zwift with Starlink or the new HughesNet

He Zwifters, Anyone using Starlink or HughesNet to ride Zwift?
My connection is terrible.
Help, Thanks, Tim

Been using Starlink for just over 2 years now with stellar results.

  • PC: wired to Starlink Router; 120GB WD SSD; cpu i5 12600k; gpu GeForce 4070
  • Zwift running on PC Win11
  • ZCA running on iPad with wifi connection bridging Polar HRM Strap, Kickr Bike, Zwift Play.

I have a clear unobstructed view of the sky during fall and winter. Very minor obstructions when trees leaf out. Couldn’t be happier. Unlimited data, no throttling, no hidden unexpected fees.

PS - HughesNet sucks.


This is music to my ears! I am so tired of my slow U-verse connection. Thank you Bob!

UK Starlink user here. It’s outstanding.