Using Zwift account on Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Hi Zwifters, I’m new to Zwift and created a subscription on my iphone last week. Rides are going well using the iphone. I’m keen to start using Zwift on my Surface Pro 9 for a better, bigger experience. I’ve downloaded Zwift on the Surface Pro for Windows and have signed in successfully, however there is no option to get riding. All I can see on my home screen are three menu options: Support, Events and My Feed. I can view my activities. What am I missing to get to the pairing screen? Thanks so much.

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing

What you describe that you see sounds very much what you see when you login on the website. I‘m pretty sure that what you’re seeing is not the Zwift application that you need to run the Zwift game. Though, I also cannot help whether the Zwift application can be installed on your Surface Pro - no experience with that here.

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The Surface Pro 9 isn’t the most powerful device but with Core i5 or i7 it should be able to run without problems.

Can you provide a screenshot of the home screen? Do you have a separate monitor, and if so, how does Zwift display on that?

Thanks, Martin. As Magnus has outlined below, it looks as though I’m simply logged into the zwift website - and not the application. So the new question, is it possible to get an app for Windows. Its a Core i5 processor so the app should run fine on this machine.

Appreciate the help from all so far. Cheers

Here: Download Zwift on iOS, MAC, PC, or Android Devices | Zwift

Choose PC.

Thanks, Chris! Its a Core i5 so as you say - it should be a problem. Screen shot provided in my response to Martin above. Thank you again.

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And im not running a separate monitor. Hoping to use the surface touch screen as an easier way to use the app.

See above, the link I provided. That downloads ZwiftSetup.exe - run that and you should see it begin installing.

Zwift won’t be super amazing on a Core i5 without a proper dedicated GPU but it should run well enough for your needs.

Use the companion app to control most things while riding.

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Fernanda here, part of the support specialist team at Zwift.
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As @Chris_D9 let you know the process for downloading the Zwift App is different than logging into the Zwift website, so that you have the best possible experience, I recommend that you take a look at this article about using the Zwift App and downloading it to your PC.

I hope you enjoy Zwifting on your Surface Pro 9!

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