Zwift on a Surface Pro 6

I’m having issues getting going with Zwift on a Surface Pro 6.

The game opens fine, when I hit Let’s Go it takes me to the blue screen and then freezes as the systems tries to login.

Twice I’ve been able to make it through this page where I’ve ‘just watched’ but everything seems to work OK so I’m guessing it’s not a graphics issue.

The rest of the time I just get a ‘not responding’ message within Windows and have to force close Zwift.

The computer is brand new and has all the latest drivers and updates installed.

I’ve tried reinstalling Zwift and even the OS but still no luck.

Thanks for your advice.

I’ve been trouble shooting with Microsoft and it seems there’s a hardware issue so I’ve returned the Surface as it’s less than a week old.

David can you confirm if Surface Pro 6 + Zwift has a fundamental pairing issues
I had mine running smoothly and after Zwift patch upgrades nothing works and been out of luck for almost 1 month
Currently it oddly works off my android phone